Genesis Mining Review

Bitcoins and most cryptocurrencies are not printed but mined. Mining is done through the solving of complex arithmetic equations. After solving the equation a new block is created and added to the original blockchain. Upon finding a solution the miner is awarded some bitcoins.

It is important to note that the more solutions that are found, the more the equations become complex and hard to solve. So to solve these equations, a miner requires a super computer that can handle high power consumption.

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Cloud mining has come with a solution for this high power and high computer hardware capacity needed to process a mining. The mining is done on the Cloud, therefore the equipment required doesn’t have to have high capacity processing power.

Genesis mining provides this to the users, along with mining rigs that have already been setup. The user can therefore use a component of low capacity to conduct the mining as they outsource the power and capacity requirements. Upon opening an account one can start earning bitcoins instantly.

This cloud mining doesn’t only facilitate the mining of bitcoins, as it also allows the mining of other altcoins. The supported cryptocurrencies are listed on the site. You can therefore switch among different cryptocurrencies. As a user, you setup a desired wallet where the amounts earned are deposited.

By using Genesis Mining one accesses modern high end mining hardware. One also doesn’t have to worry about the maintenance fee and other costs of the equipment as they are taken care of by the firm offering the crowd mining services. The mining firm has mining farms and data centers distributed in different locations, hence the user benefits from undisrupted uptimes.

There is a payment plan that you don’t have to pay, but allows you to access many benefits. So as to access full benefits from using the website, there are different plans that the users can choose from and access the benefits of the particular payment plan. One can make payments using credit cards to ensure that the process is swift and easy to setup.

Genesis mining has an active customer support and one can access the ‘Asked Questions’ page and also interact with the support team in case of an issue. One can also access the website using different languages, hence allowing a wide range of investors to use the services hassle free. Genesis Mining also has an affiliation program to reward loyal customers.

It is always important to go through a website in detail, so as to maximize the benefits you can access from using a service or product.

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