Changelly Review

It is an exchange that facilitates the exchange between various digital currencies. The platform allows purchasing and selling of cryptocurrencies among themselves but does not support the converting of fiat currency into digital currency and vice versa.

The platform looks for the aggregate value across many exchanges and comes up with a unique exchange rate compared to other sites that offer the same service.

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The platform strives to make trading easier by ensuring that a user has direct access to the platforms that offer cryptocurrency related services.

The exchange gives the best price in the market for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherurm and other digital currencies. The platform is also superior to other trading platforms because it has a standard charge of 0.5% for every exchange between two crypto coins.

This makes you pay for what you deserve and according to the amount that you are exchanging. The platform has a user friendly interface, and promotes fast trade verifications. The platform has been around since 2015, making it known that its operations are stable and preferred by many.

How it works

Let’s say that a holder of Bitcoin wants to exchange the cryptos for Ethereum. The user will use Changelly to conduct the transfer.

Changelly will go to work and search among all the platforms online offering the exchange of crypto coins services. It will discover the best rate in the market and uses this rate to exchange the bitcoin for Ethereum. It will charge a percentage fee for the exchange and the users exchange is a success.

This will save the user the time to keep looking for the best platform that has the best exchange rates. Joining Changelly is easy as there is no upfront fee to open up an account and it is easy to setup the account as one is taken through the steps.

The platform also provides an opportunity to developers to help and get rewarded for making the platform more efficient and more secure.

The platform has an affiliation program for its loyal customers that enables users to earn up to 50% on commission for every transactions conducted.

You can earn this commission by inviting a new user and if they successfully sign up through a unique referral link that only you own, then you start to earn the 50% commission. This agreement is permanent and the user continues to receive this benefit forever. One is paid the reward through bitcoin, so this is an easy and free way to earn bitcoin.

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