Taas (TAAS)

CURRENT PRICE: $1.98284 Price alert Investment

Coin name:Taas
Volume (24h):$225785
Market Cap:$16152216
24 hours price:5.81%
7 days price:-9%
1 month price:-28%


TaaS stands for Token-As-A-Service, which is the first ever tokenized closed end fund, dedicated to blockchain assets and allows investors to maximize on the rise of blockchain markets. It has a distribution of over 4,300 token holders. Token owners in the TaaS model receive 50% of the quarterly earnings earned. TaaS became the 1st post ICO blockchain initiative to provide a full transparency and a whopping 61% return on investment for its 1st operational quarter. Its initial coin offering accumulated over $3 million dollars in a very short period of time, labelling the coin as a lucrative digital currency.

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Where and how to buy or sell Taas

Look at the TAAS price chart. If you decide to invest in Taas, you should know the current value of TAAS is $1.98284 and there are various exchanges for Taas trading.

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How much is a Taas worth?

Current coin price of TAAS is $1.98284 and in order to find out the exchange rate for this cryptocurrency you can use our price calculator to convert TAAS to BTC or TAAS to USD.


Coin name:Taas
Start:February 2017
Algorithm:Not available
Mining:not minable


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