PotCoin (POT)

CURRENT PRICE: $0.0472623 Price alert Investment

Coin name:PotCoin
Volume (24h):$48520
Market Cap:$10409736
24 hours price:2.13%
7 days price:-17%
1 month price:-36%


This is a secure digital currency meant for the 100 million marijuana industry. Pot coin is as a result of community efforts where members created the digital currency to enable transactions in the legalized cannabis industry. The peer to peer cryptocurrency aims to be the standard payment method in the cannabis thriving industry. The coin is transferred from one individual to the other via the internet without the need of a bank or a clearing house. The potcoin aims at eradicating cash transactions of the legalized cannabis industry. The software used is completely open source and welcomes anyone to review the code since anyone can join the potcoin network.

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Where and how to buy or sell PotCoin

Look at the POT price chart. If you decide to invest in PotCoin, you should know the current value of POT is $0.0472623 and there are various exchanges for PotCoin trading.

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How much is a PotCoin worth?

Current coin price of POT is $0.0472623 and in order to find out the exchange rate for this cryptocurrency you can use our price calculator to convert POT to BTC or POT to USD.


Coin name:PotCoin
Start:January 2014
Protocol:Proof of Work


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