MaidSafeCoin (MAID)

CURRENT PRICE: $0.381762 Price alert Investment

Coin name:MaidSafeCoin
Volume (24h):$2056430
Market Cap:$172767313
24 hours price:-2.67%
7 days price:6%
1 month price:16%


A token that came into the market through a proxy. It happened after Maidsafe conducted a crowd sale. The coin is set to be exchanged for Safecoin upon being released. At the core of this asset is a bitcoin based blockchain. It can be purchased and traded on various exchanges. These exchanges include BIttrex, Polonie, Curex and many more. There is no need for a third party as the only thing separating the user and their data is a secret PIN and a unique keyword. All information uploaded into the site is encrypted and shared across the community, using a method called self encryption, hence making data untraceable to the source.

Store MAID on mobile or PC in your cold or online wallet for easier access.


Where and how to buy or sell MaidSafeCoin

Look at the MAID price chart. If you decide to invest in MaidSafeCoin, you should know the current value of MAID is $0.381762 and there are various exchanges for MaidSafeCoin trading.

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How much is a MaidSafeCoin worth?

Current coin price of MAID is $0.381762 and in order to find out the exchange rate for this cryptocurrency you can use our price calculator to convert MAID to BTC or MAID to USD.


Coin name:MaidSafeCoin
Start:June 2014
Mining:not minable


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