Matchpool (GUP)

CURRENT PRICE: $0.106931 Price alert Investment

Coin name:Matchpool
Volume (24h):$512592
Market Cap:$8019825
24 hours price:5.67%
7 days price:-18%
1 month price:-30%


This is a decentralized matchmaking protocol that seeks to help as many users find love across the globe using group dynamics. Ethereum smart contracts is used to handle trust ownership and the reward structures. The token used on this platform is refired to as Guppy token, denoted by GUP. Anyone can open a pool/community and they become the owner where they are able to set their own rules and add members to the pool. Users decide on which pool best fit them and they join and when a match is made within a pool the owner of the pool is rewarded.

Store GUP on mobile or PC in your cold or online wallet for easier access.


Where and how to buy or sell Matchpool

Look at the GUP price chart. If you decide to invest in Matchpool, you should know the current value of GUP is $0.106931 and there are various exchanges for Matchpool trading.

Buy or sell Matchpool

How much is a Matchpool worth?

Current coin price of GUP is $0.106931 and in order to find out the exchange rate for this cryptocurrency you can use our price calculator to convert GUP to BTC or GUP to USD.


Coin name:Matchpool
Start:January 2017
Mining:not minable


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