Edgeless (EDG)

CURRENT PRICE: $0.311437 Price alert Investment

Coin name:Edgeless
Volume (24h):$357344
Market Cap:$29785713
24 hours price:1.45%
7 days price:-9%
1 month price:-22%


A cryptocurrency to assist in ensuring that online gambling is fully transparent by ensuring that the house has no edge on the gambler as the stakes are won through sheer luck, hence no manipulation. Ethereum smart contracts are incorporated into the current casino games, ensuring that all the moves are recorded on a public ledger for all to see. The current available games on the platform are blackjack, poker dice and general sport betting. The existing gambling platforms charge very high fees on most of the available options. But through edgeless technology the house will not always win.

Store EDG on mobile or PC in your cold or online wallet for easier access.


Where and how to buy or sell Edgeless

Look at the EDG price chart. If you decide to invest in Edgeless, you should know the current value of EDG is $0.311437 and there are various exchanges for Edgeless trading.

Buy or sell Edgeless

How much is a Edgeless worth?

Current coin price of EDG is $0.311437 and in order to find out the exchange rate for this cryptocurrency you can use our price calculator to convert EDG to BTC or EDG to USD.


Coin name:Edgeless
Start:December 2016
Mining:not minable


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