Decent (DCT)

CURRENT PRICE: $0.310172 Price alert Investment

Coin name:Decent
Volume (24h):$559400
Market Cap:$15913712
24 hours price:8.97%
7 days price:-18%
1 month price:-24%


A platform offering an environment for developers, content creators and seeders to build applications, create content and seeding services respectively in a decentralized manner. The system security has been enhanced through the use of encryption. Users can access the service directly without incurring excess costs on the middlemen. It is easy to track the activities conducted as the data records are clearly time stamped. Content creators are solely responsible for the pricing of the content that they create. Application developers access an environment that is used as a stable, user friendly open source technology. As a seeder, the user easily can easily redistribute online content and get paid for that.

Store DCT on mobile or PC in your cold or online wallet for easier access.


Where and how to buy or sell Decent

Look at the DCT price chart. If you decide to invest in Decent, you should know the current value of DCT is $0.310172 and there are various exchanges for Decent trading.

Buy or sell Decent

How much is a Decent worth?

Current coin price of DCT is $0.310172 and in order to find out the exchange rate for this cryptocurrency you can use our price calculator to convert DCT to BTC or DCT to USD.


Coin name:Decent
Start:September 2016
Algorithm:Not available
Protocol:Proof of Stake
Mining:not minable


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