BitShares (BTS)

CURRENT PRICE: $0.208956 Price alert Investment

Coin name:BitShares
Volume (24h):$26129900
Market Cap:$552109811
24 hours price:2.51%
7 days price:10%
1 month price:24%


Through the use of its currency BitAssets, the smart digital currency strives to do away with price volatility by ensuring that both bit currencies and bit commodities trade near or at the par value. Therefore; bitUSD, bitCNY , bitEuro and bitGold trades at or near the par value of the corresponding currencies in digital currency exchanges around the globe. By sustaining a stable value of this cryptocurrency, it offers investors more security to buy and hold as there are no sporadic price movements. In the place of miners BitShares uses delegates to confirm any transaction on the global blockchain.

Store BTS on mobile or PC in your cold or online wallet for easier access.


Where and how to buy or sell BitShares

Look at the BTS price chart. If you decide to invest in BitShares, you should know the current value of BTS is $0.208956 and there are various exchanges for BitShares trading.

Buy or sell BitShares

How much is a BitShares worth?

Current coin price of BTS is $0.208956 and in order to find out the exchange rate for this cryptocurrency you can use our price calculator to convert BTS to BTC or BTS to USD.


Coin name:BitShares
Start:November 2014
Protocol:Proof of Stake
Mining:not minable


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