Bitcoin (BTC)

CURRENT PRICE: $6783.08 Price alert Investment

Coin name:Bitcoin
Volume (24h):$4381240000
Market Cap:$116356866139
24 hours price:1.91%
7 days price:-2%
1 month price:1%


It is the first decentralized cryptocurrency. The digital currency operates through peer to peer transaction and cryptography. It was developed by an individual or a group by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in early 2009. Bitcoins are generated through mining; the mining is done using a collection of computers by volunteer software developers connected in a series of global network. It is done through finding solutions to complex mathematical equations. It is important to note that all the bitcoin generated cannot exceed 21 million. At the core of BTC is a digital file called blockchain. The block chain is similar to a general ledger and records all the transactions that take place in the network. The block chain links every transaction to the first formed block when bitcoin began.

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Where and how to buy or sell Bitcoin

Look at the BTC price chart. If you decide to invest in Bitcoin, you should know the current value of BTC is $6783.08 and there are various exchanges for Bitcoin trading.

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How much is a Bitcoin worth?

Current coin price of BTC is $6783.08 and in order to find out the exchange rate for this cryptocurrency you can use our price calculator to convert BTC to USD.


Coin name:Bitcoin
Start:January 2009
Protocol:Proof of Work


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